Sunday, January 8, 2012

...Cooking with Ruby by night!

Hello! Happy 2012! Welcome to what's going to be the best year (of my life) ever! So far this year I have my wedding to plan, I'm going to New Orleans for the first time, the SuperBowl is coming to Indy, and I'm getting married! Did I mention that? That I'm getting married? Well I AM!!

Moving on. So since I will be walking down the aisle this year, I've already started my diet. I'm not dieting, I'm just making sure I at least maintain my weight. I thought it would be easy...until I met Ruby:

Here's another view:

!!!! Isn't she beautiful!!  I luff her! If I knew how to put little fluttering hearts on pictures, I wouldv'e done it. My KitchenAid is my BFF. She is seriously awesome. She rocks my kitchen. All the cool attachments are dishwasher safe. Cleaning her is a breeze. And she helps me make things my hips don't need wonderful goodies! Last night we made Strawberry Cupcakes together. I went with the box mix cause I was bein' lazy:

All I needed was a few simple extra ingredients...poured it all in the big bowl...and two minutes later we had this:

Seriously, two minutes. That's all it took. The batter was the perfect consistancy. The box even told me what setting to put it at, and was right on with the instructions. I popped those babies in and was so incredibly pleased with how perfect they turned out!

Is your mouth drooling? It should be cause these were amazing! I love Ruby. Cupcakes are a piece of cake (get it? cake?...ok) for her. She does all kinds of stuff. She mixes, beats, she actually gets "peaks" with egg whites...She even kneads bread!! I've been debating buying a bread maker because everyone tells me they get it and then never use it, but now I don't have to...because I found Ruby! Have I told you how much I love her?! Yes?

Anyway. Do you have a KitchenAid? Are you weirdly madly in love with yours too? What's the best recipe you've done? I need ideas. My next recipe I'm going to attempt is homemade brownies from scratch this time. I just need to find the right recipe. Hope you had happy holidays! I sure did, but also glad they're over.

*I was not compensated to talk about my KitchenAid by KitchenAid. They have no clue who i am or how much I love their stuff.

**I am available for hire in the northern Indianapolis area. Please feel free to email me at organizerbyday(@)gmail(dot)com for further information. I look forward to organizing with you!

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