Wednesday, December 21, 2011

...Christmas Tree decorator by night!

I so love the Ho Ho Holidays! Only a few more days 'til Christmas! I can't wait. I'm done shopping, done wrapping, done decorating, and done online buying and done elbowing people out of the way to get that! Now I just get to wait until the big Day and enjoy the holiday fun. Aaaa :)

So I wanted to share with you how I dealt with what is pretty much the most popular gift to give for Christmas: Gift Cards

I had tons of them! They're so nice to get for that person in your life who is so dang hard to buy for. So for one gift I got a bunch of different gift cards. I'm also a "Go Green" kinda girl so I save every scrap of paper while I wrap (with eco friendly paper)...but then I end up with this:

All kinds of weird little pieces of oddly shaped paper that I can't do anything with. Until now! This is where the gift cards come in. These little scraps are the perfect size to wrap up all my gift cards. I wrapped each gift card with the box it came with and put a bow or a little note on each one. Then I put a piece of Christmas ribbon between each one to connect them together.

And finally I placed the whole thing in the tree to be a deoration/put it out of my cats reach cause they love anything ribbon!

Isn't it precious! And speaking of's what our beautiful tree has going on this year:

SQUIRREL! Yes we have his and hers squirrel ornaments because I love them and think they are awesome and hope to own one one day! Anyway. Let's see, what else:

My cute little snowman Colts football ornament. Yes, I am still a fan! No, I did not fall off the bandwagon because I didn't jump on in the first place. Always been a true blue fan!!

HTB and I have a tradition where every year we buy a new ornament and it always has to be reindeer themed. This was last years pick:

And this is the newest addition to our ornament collection! A cutie we found at Cheer Pier 1. I swear he was calling to us like they do in their commercials. He was saying "Please, take me home!" So we did:

We love him! Here's our beautiful tree in all her glory:

(Ignore the dark corner. We can't find the broken bulb and that spot is covered with presents right now)

There's not much that can make me wake up any earlier than I have to, but this time of year I make an exception. I wake up a few minutes early and go downstairs and plug her in. I get up before the sun does so it's still nice and dark. I love sitting on the couch and eating lucky charms and just enjoying how pretty she is. It makes me so warm and happy inside.

Here's some other cute decorations we have up around our house that fill me with Christmas:

So is your house bursting with the Christmas spirit too? Did you come up with a clever way to deal with all your gift cards? Good luck with those last minute Christmas preparations!  I hope everyone gets lots of friends and family time and I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!

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