Tuesday, January 10, 2012

...I have a dining room table (to eat at at night :)!!!!

So HTB and I moved into our house May of 2010. We were actually still fresh into our relationship (9 months) and we were taking a huge leap of faith. It all worked out of course since we're getting hitched this year!! (Mention #24 of my wedding so far this year) We also were taking a huge leap of square footage. We went from two teeny tiny apartments to a four bedroom, three level, two car garage (my) dream home. Seriously, I love our home! Thing is, we didn't have enough stuff to fill it.

I was always hoping that a wedding was in the future...so I didn't really focus on buying things I knew I could  register for wait a while for. Fortunately, my future mom-in-law rocks and she bought us wonderful decor we can use on our dining room table. That way I don't have to wait until the wedding in October. (#25)

Anyway...so before we got the good stuff our table looked like this:

Yes, that is Santa St. No, I didn't have anything on my table before I received these Christmas decorations (also from my mom-in-law...what would I do without her!). So once the holiday was over, I did my first rule of organizing. I cleared the space:

I gave it a good rub down, too. So shiny! Then, taking only what I had cause I'm on a major wedding budget (mention #84), I created what I think is a wonderfully-simple-yet-elegant dining room table:

Here's a view at night:

I took the lovely hand-me-down place settings from my big sis and set them up on top of the pretty new tablecloth. I love love love fresh flowers and we always make sure there's room in the budget for those. I placed a beautiful bunch of them on a tray (also from sis) and filled it in with filler(?) I had from the wonderful Target:

I put our new cute napkins by each plate and called it a day! Here's another angle:

Isn't it precious! Another night view:

So before:

And after:

It may not be crazy fancy-schmansy, but it's me. It's us. And that's what I wanted. Maybe we'll register for a China set for the wedding (last mention I swear...for this post), but should I? Do you have a China set? Do you EVER use it? What does your table look like after New Years? Do you start with a new look at the beginning of the year? Speaking of beginning of the year, who has a great resolution? What about any resolution? I forgot to even set one. Share yours so I can have some ideas!

**I am available for hire in the northern Indianapolis area. Please feel free to email me at organizerbyday@gmail(dot)com for further information. I look forward to organizing with you!

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