Monday, October 24, 2011

...pumpkin carver by afternoon

CAUTION: Do not attempt without adult supervision!

Happy Beautiful Fall day everyone! I decided today was the day to carve my chunky pumpkin that's been living outside for a few weeks now. I figured it's close enough to the Big Day (Halloween). So I started with the first step to organizing...Clear the Space:

Then, skipping step two (Find the Function (cause it doesn't apply here)), step three involves: Get organized. I know, duh, but seriously it's just that simple. Put everything out ahead of time so that it's easy to access everything and there's no delay in your project:

I cut open a paper bag and put it under the pumpkin to make for a quick cleanup.

**side note to explain the Vaseline. I always do research on the cheapest easiest way to preserve a pumpkin. I've found that the best way that works for us is Vaseline. I know others say bleach is the best, or the expensive "fresh pumpkin" juice you can buy is great. But I'm cheap and that little container was $.99 and the only time I use it is this time of year and we've had it for 3 years now. Awesome!

Here's my steps:

1. Wash that baby so it's good and clean. That makes an easier carving surface. Then you cut the top off:

2.  Make sure you make your "chimney" in the top so that it doesn't set on fire when you put the candle in. You'll wanna carve out the top. It'll look like this: 

3.  Gut the sucker completely. Set the seeds aside if you wanna cook 'em. I find it's easiest if you take the knife up the sides to cut the pumpkin seaweed (as I call it) off the pumpkin. It scoops out better. 

4.  Then draw whatever kind of face you want, or trace your favorite from a pumpkin design book. Use a knife to cut out the pieces. 

If you're having trouble cutting out the mouth, try cutting it in half like this:

5.  Then once you're all done, rub the whole thing with Vaseline, inside and out. I've found it helps the pump' keep for at least 8-9 days. Just in time for Halloween!! Plop a candle in the middle and TA-DA!

It's Steve!!! Why do I name my pumpkin? I dunno. I've done it every year. Last year was Earl. Isn't Steve so cute and shiny!? I just love him. And now he lives on our porch:

He's not perfect, but that wasn't what I was going for. So it works out well. Have you carved yours yet? Is it as crazy detailed as mine? (I kid, I kid) What about costumes? Anyone got a crazy cool idea for your Halloween apparel? Lemme know! Cause I love this time of year!

**I am available for hire in the northern Indianapolis area. Please feel free to email me at organizerbyday(@)gmail(dot)com for further information. I look forward to organizing with you!

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