Thursday, October 20, 2011

...organized decorator as well!

So even though we've been in our house over a year, I have yet to decorate about our beautiful cabinets in the kitchen. They're a pretty cherry wood and they're pretty much the reason I fell in LOVE with our house. I walked into the kitchen and BAM there they were in all their prettiness. Like I think I've mentioned before, I'm a bit of a procrastinator. I tend to put things off for as long as possible. Things like...decorating the top of my cabinets. Here's what they've looked like since we moved in.

Bare. Boring. Blah

Nothing. Nada. Not a thing up there. What's wrong with me? I like pretty things. I like decorations. I like buying things. But for some reason I had let this area go by the wayside. Shame on me!

Last weekend we went to HTB's (hubby-to-bes) cousin's (you still with me) fundraiser for her non-for-profit   organization "Reins to Recovery". She helps kids who need help with all kinds of things. The whole event is to help raise money to keep her going for at least another year. She's such an amazing person and the organization does wonderful things. At the fundraiser they have a silent auction.

Apparently HTB really gets in to auctions because we gotta lotta stuff. I wasn't sure what to do with the slushie maker and the basket that says "Happy Easter" on it. The rest of what we bought was cute decorative things. Only problem was, I didn't have anywhere to put it all.

Light bulb! I decided this was a sign to finally FINALLY decorate the top of the cabinets. It was easy to start cause rule #1: Clear the space, was already done.
SO at the auction we got artwork and baskets.

(You can see the books I used to prop things up in that pic. Shhh!! Don't tell anyone.)

Candles and more artwork...

AND even more baskets...

I did find a good purpose for the Easter basket...for now...

Awesome!  The little pumpkins are so goshdarn cute too. I used a great rule-of-thumb I learned from my sister at thrifty decor chick to always go up and down with the decorations. You'll see each item is shorter then taller then shorter then taller. It makes all the random items look really good together and creates a nice flow. 

This isn't what will always be up there, but it's good for now. And once fall is over, I'll take the cute patoot pumpkins down and replace them with Christmas stuff!!! I love Christmas even more than fall...and have twice the decorations too! So what do you do on top of your cabinets? Any fun fall ideas? Show me so I can get that spot looking even better!

**I am available for hire in the northern Indianapolis area. Please feel free to email me at organizerbyday(@)gmail(dot)com for further information. I look forward to organizing with you!

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