Sunday, July 24, 2011

...Chef Boyarewe organized by night!

Well I hope everyone is having an amazing weekend! We were lucky and got to have tons of family time yesterday at my sister's farm. It was incredibly hot, but it was worth it to see my family. I love spending time with all of them. I still can't get over the fact that my little brothers are bigger than me!! It's crazy! tonight I decided to tackle my "junk" closet in the kitchen. It has all of my baking needs in it, and just about everything else too...

That's a little hard to see...
That's better. So we've got a pumpkin carving kit (I'm either a little too early, or way too late for that), egg dying kit (see previous parentheses), ping pong balls, two rolls of duct tape, and just a few seasonings. I'm still learning how to cook well and my pile of baking accessories is growing slowly but surely. 

So once I cleared the space, I decided how I would separate the shelves to allow the most functionality. I always hated that I couldn't see what was on the top shelf. I always ended up with several bags of chocolate chips and tons of muffin holders because I couldn't ever see up there. It was maddening I tell you. And now that little effort it took to drag a chair over and look up there is no longer needed. Awesome. The ping pong balls went to the top shelf and the baking goods went to the middle. Now I can see what all we have and can't see all the random stuff that has no other place to go and lives on the top shelf!

I actually think I see everything I need to make chocolate chip cookies...yummy!

And I did something fun and FUNctional (sometimes I'm too big of a dork even for me to handle) with our big honkin' grilling tools that are too large to fit in our utensil drawer.

They're just up with push pins. It makes such a difference. And they're super easy to get to now. Double awesome! So now here's what the closet looks like.

I know it is a crappy picture, but I promise it's much more organized. All the baking is in the middle, and all the randomness is at the top where no one will ever see it's nicely and neatly organized. ;) It only took about 20 minutes to do and I did it while dinner was cooking. So just remember it doesn't take much time to gain back some sanity organization in your life. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a happy Monday!!

**I am available for hire in the northern Indianapolis area. Please feel free to email me at organizerbyday(@)gmail(dot)com for further information. I look forward to organizing with you!

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