Thursday, July 14, 2011

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Hello Hello! Welcome to the wonderful world that is organization! Boring, I know. But seriously...who out there doesn't need a little help with the decluttering of a closet, or sorting of a basement, or purging of a backyard shed? Why haven't you gone to the store already and picked up those extra storage bins, or plugged in that fancy-schmancy (sp?) shredder, or put the goodwill load in the trunk and taken it the two miles down the road? I know why...because you do't have me!

My name is Elie and I am a professional organizer. I know many of you out there are thinking "Why would anyone need a professional organizer?" After you ask yourself that question, I want you to take a look around your house, your garage, your basement, and even your closets. You're saying there isn't a place in your house that isn't completely organized and you have no trouble getting things in and out of that space? Well, then, I applaud you! You are unlike the other 99% of the population, myself included, who needs to do some serious organizing.

The reason I'm here is to show you easy, fun and creative ways to get your house decluttered. I promise you, anyone can do it. I'm recently a professional at this, but I've been organizing my entire life. Things always make more sense to me when there isn't clutter and I always know where things are. It's like a comfort to me in some way. Does that make sense? Or am I just completely OCD?

Anyway, I hope you come along with me on this journey of discovering how to reclaim your closets, and basements, and anywhere else that should be used for living in and not just storing things in. My next post will be to show off my transformation of my very let-go-through-every-season-since-Christmas basement. I will promise you that I am not perfect when it comes to organizing, and I'll never claim to be. It's just something I love to do and I want to share with others how they can do it matter how busy or hectic a lifestyle. Have a happy Friday and I'll see you this weekend!


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